Nice to meet you, Albania!

Nice to meet you, Albania!

Albania is one of those places you shouldn’t judge by its cover. Small, simple, warm, and full of love, this place takes your heart once you step on it. That’s because you can do whatever you want without traveling for days.
If you are a mountain lover, you can find yourself in a few hours skiing or having a cup of coffee in the middle of nature.
For those who like to be in a city full of energy and great coffee, just go for a walk in the city center and eventually you’re going to see yourself sitting in nice and warm cafés on the corner of the street.

There is something special about Tirana though. You can find different cafes based on your hobbies. For bike lovers, there is a café with a bike theme. For book lovers, there are cafés full of books and great music.
And of course, for sports lovers, you can enjoy your time in many great sports cafés, playing billiards while having a beer.

Besides being one of those countries with the best coffee in the world, Albania is thriving and continuously growing. The open-mindedness of people, with a good knowledge of English and Italian, is making this country a place worth collaborating with and investing in.

The curiosity of people to learn new things from different examples, the ability of people to adapt to international trends, and the open understanding of others have made people from all over the world collaborate with digital companies in Albania.

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